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Biology @ The University of Miami includes an interactive community of seven symbiosis | microbiome research groups. Our research represents a diverse set of systems and a wide range of approaches.  We share ideas, equipment, resources, lab meetings, and sometimes food!

Come and join us. We’re recruiting!

Our Work

Afkhami Lab

We study mutualisms, microbiomes, and plant-microbial interactions at scales ranging from genes to ecosystems.

Silveira Lab

We study the interactions between viruses and bacteria in coral reefs.

Mueller Lab

We study the molecular mechanisms of plant interactions with symbiotic soil fungi.

Wilson Lab

We work to elucidate the mechanisms of host/endosymbiont integration in insect models.

Traylor-Knowles Lab

We study the interaction between the cnidarian immune system and microbes. 

Dallman Lab

We study how microbes in the gut influence behavior in zebrafish models of autism spectrum disorder.

Rieger Lab

We are studying how nerves and skin cells interact with microbial communities to promote appendage regeneration.

Zanne Lab

We study plant-microbe-termite interactions, especially in deadwood, and the consequences of those interactions for carbon cycling.



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